How to Write an Appointment Confirmation Email?

Appointment Confirmation Emails
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Every business needs to have a branded appointment confirmation email template. You'll need to send an appointment confirmation email or respond to a meeting confirmation email now and then. You've come to the right place if you're unsure how to confirm an appointment because we're about to give you some basic advice.

We'll show you a confirmation email sample and explain how to write appointment confirmation emails to help you understand how to confirm appointments.

What Is an Appointment Confirmation Email?

A confirmation email is that usual boring email you send customers each time they order or sign up for something. These are usually plain text emails without much flair, but you can make them as enjoyable as a marketing email.

Your customers are expecting confirmation emails because their actions directly trigger them. So they open and interact with such emails more than they would with other types of emails.

According to Experian, confirmation emails have average click-through rates of 12 to 20%, roughly five times that of marketing mailings. This pattern also appears in its other metrics, including open rates and revenue per email.

Boring confirmation emails are a missed opportunity to upsell, so you can use them to provide excellent customer service and generally make a lasting impression while your customer is already paying attention.

For example, Isabella used this principle to switch from text-only receipts to an HTML-rich appointment confirmation email that relies on their recommendation feature. The new emails converted at a 111% higher rate than previous sales or alert emails.

They’ve put in a lot of effort to achieve these results:

  • Added a recommendation feature
  • Switched to an HTML-rich format
  • Synchronized their web and email experiences

To deliver relevant offers, they combined what they knew about their customers' intent with their company's goals. Simply put, they looked at an underdeveloped touchpoint and considered how they could better serve their customers. Confirmation emails, at their best, are one-on-one communications initiated by the customer at critical points in their lifecycle.

How to Write an Appointment Confirmation Email

Here are some helpful tips to consider:


Appointment confirmation emails should be as simple as possible. It’s okay to maintain brand consistency, but don't get so caught up in the creative process that your message loses its meaning. Remember that this is not a marketing email; you're simply confirming a meeting with the recipient.

Keep things to a bare minimum, provide an image and a few additional details.


There's no need for a clever copy, flashy GIFs, or enticing CTAs. Give the recipient exactly what they want: appointment confirmation details. Nothing more or less.

You may include basic images, or a link to “Confirm Appointment”, depending on your service. That's fine, but don't forget the purpose of your email -- to confirm the appointment.


Deliverability is another critical factor to consider. Sending the right message on the right channel at the right time with the right frequency is an excellent guideline for communicating with recipients. It's better to avoid incorporating marketing messaging into transactional messages; this can cause issues because mailbox providers scan your content. If they believe the message is more on the marketing side, they are more likely to mark it as spam than if they think it is strictly transactional mail.

Best Practices

Here are a few more quick tips to help you write awesome appointment confirmation emails:

  1. Create a clear subject line -- it's not the time to be cute. Make your subject as transparent as possible. Try “Confirmation for Your Upcoming Dentist Appointment” or “Nails Appointment Confirmation.” Your recipient will have no trouble figuring out what this email is about, and they'll be able to easily search for it if they can't find it later.
  2. Add-to-calendar buttons should be included. This added convenience increases the likelihood that your recipients will show up for their appointment, which is a win-win situation for both you and your customers.
  3. Give your contact information. Allow your recipients to contact you quickly if there is a problem with their appointment or if they need to reschedule.

Appointment Confirmation Email Example

Your emails' tone and voice will vary according to your brand. For a more formal sounding confirmation, we've included a simple email template below.

Subject: Your Appointment Is Confirmed

Dear [name],

Your [type of appointment] appointment for [day], [month/date/year] has been confirmed.

Please contact us if there should be any changes or if you have any questions.

For this, call 123-4567-890, or click here.

That's all you need to include in your appointment confirmation email.

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