Startup Offer

At UniOne, we are eager to build solid, long-lasting relationships with companies. That's why we are supporting businesses at their early stages.

Our Special Startup Offer allows developing ventures to save up to $2700 on email sendings. It includes 500,000 free monthly emails in the first year of signing up, so you can focus on scaling your brand while we focus on delivering your emails.

To qualify for the Special Startup Offer, you should be:

  • A new user of UniOne (the one who never used the service before)
  • A startup under 3 years old with customers in Western Europe, Central, South or North America, Asia, or Africa.
  • Aware of email marketing policies and responsible for getting permission from the subscribers to send them emails.

Please fill out the form and our manager will contact you with more details about this opportunity. The review of your application may take up to 3 business days.


By filling out the form, you agree to UniOne's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. You also agree that UniOne keeps the right not to provide the package to applicants who do not meet the requirements and internal regulations without specifying the reasons. Each application is reviewed individually. Depending on certain specifics of the applicant's business or other factors, UniOne keeps the right to impose additional requirements for joining the program.