UniOne Email Marketing Solution

Supercharge your email campaign potential with UniOne's resilient sending infrastructure and intuitive email template editor.
We are capable of processing millions of requests per user hourly, so your email campaigns of any size will reach their audience at lightning speed.

Send transactional emails with our comprehensive tools

Make email marketing campaigns faster and better
With our robust API, UniOne is easily integrated into any existing infrastructure, bringing dependable assistance in your email marketing journeys. You don’t need to spend time uploading email lists to send the message — set up the required triggers once, and we’ll deliver each email to its recipient. We offer ready-to-use email templates for any type of automated message you might want to send. Customize the template using our drag-and-drop email builder, or create one that suits your needs from scratch.
Send personalized triggered emails
Since 2017, native integration with a popular, powerful customer data platform, Bloomreach, has proven UniOne’s capabilities in efficiently distributing highly customized email content. Today, you can easily connect UniOne with any web service or app to deliver personalized offers, time-limited promos, welcome chains, re-engaging campaigns, and seasonal activities as scheduled. We’ll assist you in all the stages of your email marketing journey so you can get the most from your campaigns.
Get detailed analytics to know your email marketing results
At UniOne, we understand that the success of your email campaigns hinges on engagement. Whether you're reaching out to a single customer or a massive audience, monitoring key engagement metrics is essential for refining your email strategy. With UniOne's comprehensive analytics features, you can track crucial metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, bounce rates, unsubscribe rates, and spam complaint rates. We power your data-driven decisions with real-time insights and provide detailed reports with a prolonged data storage period.

Types of marketing emails we take care of

With UniOne, you can send marketing emails automatically based on specific user actions or predefined triggers. Create a perfect template for your customer with our AI-powered HTML email editor, whether it's an abandoned cart, birthday, or re-engagement email.


Abandoned Checkout Emails

Persuade the customer to complete the purchase with a catchy email incentive.

Re-engagement Emails

Share incentives and promotions to reignite interest and drive customer activity.

Birthday or Anniversary Emails

Strengthen the relationship with your customers by celebrating important dates.

Diverse ways to use our transactional email tools

Upsales and Cross-sales
Boost your sales using automated emails to suggest add-ons or upgrades for existing customers based on their past purchases or interests. Showcase premium versions with better features for successful upselling and recommend related products to earn more on cross-selling. UniOne will help you increase revenue and improve the customer experience with personalized recommendations.
User Retention
Automated emails help keep customers coming back by sending personalized messages and offers. Whether it’s a reminder about a subscription renewal or a special reward for a loyalty email, they strengthen the relationship and keep the customer engaged. Using automated emails with UniOne to stay connected can reduce churn and build long-lasting relationships.
Customer Development
With automated email marketing, you can guide customers through their journey from newcomers to loyal advocates. Build strong relationships and drive growth by sending targeted email messages and resources tailored to their needs, like onboarding tips or helpful support. While UniOne will help you ensure that all the information is delivered on time.

UniOne has other useful tools for your business

UniOne is free and easy to start

Our users’ satisfaction is our primary value. Thus, we provide each newcomer with a 4-month free trial, including 6,000 monthly emails, to test our capabilities. Our round-the-clock customer care team is ready to assist you with any matters at each step of your journey with UniOne. When you feel ready to upgrade, choose any other tariff from the ones available or contact our sales manager to discuss a customized plan.