Partnership program


  • You receive a 25% reward from all payments of the customers you’ve connected to UniOne, for the duration of two years since the customer’s signing up.
  • Payments are made each month (the minimum payment amount is $50).


  • Please provide us an email of the customer you’ve connected to UniOne no later than 5 days since his/her signing up.
  • Before you receive your  first payment, we need to sign a Partnership Agreement with you. Please contact our Partnership Department in advance.
  • During the first 10 business days at the beginning of each month you’ll receive a report with the amount of your commission for the previous month. The report is sent to an email specified in the Agreement.
  • If your reward has reached the amount of $50, please send us an invoice after receiving our letter and we’ll proceed with the payment within 5 business days. If your total commission for the previous month is under $50, do not be upset - it will be added to the next period and will be paid as soon as you reach the needed minimum. 


  • As long as UniOne service is unavailable for the Russian and Belarussian entities, the Partnership Program isn’t applicable for them as well.
  • These terms apply to the public plans and prices only (paid either via credit card or via checking account). In case of contracts with individual pricing, rewards are being discussed separately. 

Have any additional questions or ready to sign an Agreement? 

Please contact us via