UniOne offers a reliable email infrastructure, enabling your campaigns to launch within minutes using our SMTP API.

Say goodbye to the hassle of managing your own SMTP servers. For high volumes and complex setup, we offer a Web API capable of processing millions of emails per hour. Our team of experts works tirelessly to ensure your emails get to the intended recipients.

With UniOne’s email marketing solutions, rest assured that your transactional and marketing emails will be delivered effectively.

Transactional Emails

Experience lightning-fast speed and outstanding deliverability with all types of transactional emails, whether it's password recovery messages, order confirmations, or delivery notifications. UniOne ensures that your customers stay informed about every transaction they initiate with you.

Email marketing

Leverage UniOne's Web API to send bulk marketing messages at remarkable speed. Receive instant status notifications for each email through webhooks, with all event data also available for download in CSV format.

With our service, you can send up to 60 million emails per hour. Choose from our extensive library of email templates and utilize our flexible substitution engine to implement complex logic effortlessly.

Email templates and personalization

Achieve optimal results with visually appealing messages using UniOne's rich email templates. For email personalization, we support two template engines: the Simple template engine for basic variable substitution and the Apache Velocity engine for more advanced rules.

Additionally, you can design your own letters and templates with our easy-to-use visual email builder.

Dedicated IP

Take full control of your email-sending reputation and enhance deliverability rates with dedicated IP addresses provided by UniOne. Use them collectively as a pool or assign separate addresses for different message types.

UniOne is free and easy to start width

Our users’ satisfaction is our primary value.
Thus, we provide each newcomer with a 4-month free trial, including 6,000 monthly emails, to test our capabilities.
Our round-the-clock customer care team is ready to assist you with any matters at each step of your journey with UniOne.
When you feel ready to upgrade, choose any other tariff from the ones available or contact our sales manager to discuss a customized plan.