SMTP Service

Utilize UniOne SMTP for effortless global email delivery.
Manage marketing and transactional emails hassle-free without overpaying or building mail infrastructure.

What is an SMTP

SMTP is a server communication protocol for email transfer requiring authentication via username, password, host, port, and security standards like SSL/TLS.
UniOne SMTP simplifies this process by providing all the essential credentials, requiring only domain authentication. Once done, initiate sending effortlessly through your app's SMTP email client. Require assistance? Refer to our SMTP documentation for guidance, or contact our 24/7 responsive support.
SMTP API offers simplicity for outgoing mail. Yet, if applicable, transitioning to an Email Web API is advised. The last one ensures faster processing and scalability, which is beneficial for increasing email volume over time.

With our SMTP,
you can do this

With UniOne SMTP, you can send up to 150,000 emails per hour via 50 connections. Integration is straightforward; you only need to configure connection parameters.
Use extended features like substitutions and tracking via an extra header powering your email campaigns.
You can customize emails with templates and track engagement. Send catchy and informative emails sized up to 10MB.
UniOne SMTP allows you to use CC and BCC fields and manage your subscriptions for enhanced functionality.
Stay informed on all the statuses of your email sendings with UniOne webhooks.

You can use our SMTP for all of your needs

UniOne SMTP accommodates a diverse range of email types, spanning from marketing campaigns and transactional alerts to newsletters and promotional announcements.
Сraft personalized email communications, deliver customer service updates, and disseminate tailored offers.
Leveraging features like templates and link tracking enhances engagement and analysis, ensuring effective communication across various contexts.

Why businesses choose us?

UniOne is free and easy to start

Our users’ satisfaction is our primary value. Thus, we provide each newcomer with a 4-month free trial, including 6,000 monthly emails, to test our capabilities. Our round-the-clock customer care team is ready to assist you with any matters at each step of your journey with UniOne. When you feel ready to upgrade, choose any other tariff from the ones available or contact our sales manager to discuss a customized plan.