Refund Policy

We offer a 30-day, money-back guarantee on certain subscriptions for UniOne. If you have a Monthly Subscription, we do not offer any refund for partial or no usage during the month. For Annual Subscriptions paid upfront, upon request, we will refund your Subscription fee for the remaining months in your subscription period on a pro-rata basis based on the applicable monthly subscription fee prevailing at that time for the months Service was used. In addition, a 1 month cancellation fee will be levied based on the then applicable monthly subscription fee. The usage months will be computed based on active subscription of at least 1 day within the billing month.

The refund shall be made at UniOne's sole discretion in case the refund request is made after 30 days of payment for the Service or in cases blocking your Personal Account due to your violation of our Anti-Spam Policy or Terms of Service.

A refund will only be made if the Customer has not violated any of the provisions of Anti-Spam Policy or Terms of Service.

Refund requests processing period usually takes between 7-10 days.

Your request must contain:

  • Order number for which you wish to receive a refund
  • Detailed description of the issue and the reason for the refund

The procedure for processing refund requests:

Each request is processed individually, in sequence, and it takes time to process it. Our refund manager will provide you with information about the status of your request.

After your refund request is approved, the manager will notify you of that. The return process itself can take up to several weeks, depending on the payment method, your bank and other reasons.

Incorrect payments are processed as follows:

  • Submit a request for a refund by creating a ticket in your Personal Account
  • Enter both order numbers. First specify the order number which you want to refund

We reserve the right to reject a refund in following cases:

  • the percentage of Spam complaints exceeds 0.5% of email recipients number (but not less than 20) for 15 consecutive days in total
  • in your refund request you specified a refund method different from the method used for payment for the Service
  • you violated any applicable law, contract terms or Terms of Service or used UniOne for unlawful, illegal or prohibited activities, or
  • you failed to specify the reason for the refund in your refund request

Conditions for refund

The refund is subject to one of the following conditions:

  • if you did not use the Service within the 30-days as of the date of payment for the Service
  • if you incorrectly/repeatedly paid for the Service or paid more than required by the applicable tariff
  • if we provide notice to you that we are amending the End User License Agreement we entered into with you in respect of such subscription and/or Service, and you object to such amendment within 10 days of such notice. In such case we shall refund a portion of the amount you paid for the Service pro rata to the unused time remaining after the date of cancellation.

In other cases, a refund shall be made at UniOne's discretion.

In case your account is suspended or your Personal Account is blocked due to Spam complaints or abuse of mass mailings, we reserve the right not to make a refund.

Accounts with a high percentage of complaints are suspended or blocked without a right to refund.

Procedure for refund

The refund are made using the same method as used for the payment. We always refund only through the payment method by which we received funds from you. For example, if you paid for the Service with a VISA/MASTERCARD card, a refund will be made by cancelling the transaction (refund) and, as a result, a refund can only be made to your VISA/MASTERCARD card. The timing of the refund depends on which payment method was used.

When processing a refund a service fee or bank commission may be charged, which may be deducted from the amount to be refunded.