UniOne offers a reliable email infrastructure for all your email deliveries. Our SMTP API enables your campaigns to launch within minutes, and our Web API provides lightning-fast email sendings. With UniOne products, you can power your website with transactional emails and email marketing automation or become an email service provider using our white-label capabilities.

SMTP server

UniOne operates on a reliable in-house infrastructure, allowing you to seamlessly send thousands of emails hourly using SMTP API without having to maintain your own SMTP servers. Setting up an SMTP connection with UniOne is so easy that it can take under 15 minutes for you to kickstart your email notifications and campaigns. Our expert team with 10+ years of experience in email delivery works day and night to ensure your messages reach their recipients while you can focus on other crucial aspects of your business.

Email API

Get the most of UniOne’s powerful email delivery infrastructure through our Web API. You can increase your sending speed to up to 60 million emails per hour while enjoying our robust Web API's extended functionality. With UniOne API methods, the crucial settings and analytics are always at your fingertips. You can manage your sending domains, handle separate projects, tag the campaigns, obtain statistics data in CSV format, validate subscribers’ email addresses, and do many other cool things with simple HTTP API requests.

White Label Email Service

Since emails play a significant role in many businesses, offering your clients a white-label API-based email delivery solution can be a competitive advantage. Whether you're a marketing agency, software development company, or telecommunications provider, UniOne provides the tools you need for success. You don't need to develop your own complex email infrastructure; UniOne's white-label Email API solution is ready for seamless reselling to your customers.

Why businesses choose us?

UniOne has other useful tools for your business

UniOne is free and easy to start

Our users’ satisfaction is our primary value. Thus, we provide each newcomer with a 4-month free trial, including 6,000 monthly emails, to test our capabilities. Our round-the-clock customer care team is ready to assist you with any matters at each step of your journey with UniOne. When you feel ready to upgrade, choose any other tariff from the ones available or contact our sales manager to discuss a customized plan.