Top 7 No-Code Website Builders to Use in 2024

Top 7 No-Code Website Builders to Use in 2024
Denys Romanov Denys Romanov 24 june 2024, 14:31 199
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According to recent statistics, in 2023 the share of online buyers exceeded 33% of the global population. And it still has the potential to increase within the next few years. Considering that more than a third of all consumers make decisions on purchasing goods and services online, websites became new showcases, reflecting the companies’ offers.

Yet, when it comes to developing a good-looking website, sometimes it may appear even more costly than renting several square meters in a crowded place. So, not all entrepreneurs can afford such a service. And this is where no-code website builders come in.

Allowing to craft a professional website without specific technical knowledge and not overpay for a team of designers and software engineers, these tools have significantly changed the game.

What do no-code website builders stand for?

No-code website builders are Software-as-a-Service powering you with tools for a successful launch and management of a website without hiring additional experts.

With their intuitive visual builders, you can craft pages using simple drag-and-drop technologies and see the preview of the pages you make in real-time mode. In addition, various integrations and SEO tools will help you to get the most out of your web presence staying connected with your audience.

As a result, these comprehensive and cost-effective solutions serve as a magic wand for small and medium-sized businesses. With the no-code builder, you can create highly converting websites in e-commerce or travel tech, landing pages for SaaS, or a personal blog without breaking the bank.

Choosing a perfect no-code website builder

Even though the technology itself is a real blast, not all website builders are equally user-friendly and cost-effective. Here’s what you need to consider to make the best decision from the wide variety of options:

The tool’s interface. Since you’re expected to spend some time working with the tool to craft your perfect website, having an intuitive management panel with easy-to-use features plays a significant role. Watch some tutorials, or check out free trials to find out how comfortable you will feel interacting with the builder.

A straightforward onboarding process, a simple design with all the needed functionality, and a real-time preview option are somewhat a must-have.

Design capabilities. Each business has its unique benefits, and the website should show them in the best possible way. To ensure you won’t be limited in the customization options of your web showcase, pay attention to what different no-code builders can offer here.

First, check out the template availability so you have a source for inspiration. After that, depending on the level of creativity you’d like to bring to your website, you might need color-changing capabilities, ready-to-use font libraries, specific layouts, and so on. The tricky thing is finding the balance between customization potential and user-friendliness. Remember that the complexity in features often means the complexity in usage.

Content management peculiarities. Unlike design features, most of which are only used once when you create the pages, content management is something you will often interact with. So, to save time and mental health, it’s better to choose a no-code website builder with the most effortless CMS.

To make your content management experience even more seamless, consider the builders providing different integration options. For example, connectivity with Google Sheets can be advantageous for instant and time-saving updates.

Pricing policies. Value for money is something that always matters. Even though using a no-code website builder will always be cheaper than hiring a website development team, the real economy will vary from vendor to vendor.

When it comes to comparing the available pricing plans, we suggest you not choose just the cheapest one as it might lack some useful features. First, pay attention to those options offering a free trial, so you can practically check how they fit your needs. After that compare the pros and the cons of the website builders you can afford to find a good balance.

Ready-to-use integrations. Once you launch your outstanding website, you might want to connect it with extra tools to drive customer engagement and track its performance. Check whether the no-code website builder can be easily connected to your favorite email service provider, billing system, or analytics solution before making the final decision.

And if you want to find a perfect match for your specific case, without spending too much time surfing the internet, enjoy our compilation with 7 of the most worthy options to consider in 2024.

7 no-code builders worth your attention


SpreadSimple is the best no-code website builder

SpreadSimple is a no-code website builder with an extremely user-friendly and intuitive editor. This service has a ready-to-use integration with Google Sheets making your website content management as easy as a,b,c.

SpreadSimple is also very flexible in its customization capabilities, so you can create any type of website you wish - from an online catalog to an e-commerce store, from a personal blog to a webinar platform, and so on. In addition, it’s super easy to use, so you can craft a beautiful website in less than 30 minutes even if you’ve never done it before.

👍 Like For:

  • Integration with Google Sheets for content management
  • Real-time progress previews
  • Rich templates library for all the tasks and tastes
  • Many additional integrations with marketing tools, data analytics, payment systems, etc
  • Easy peasy interface

👎 Dislike For:

  • Limited customization options

💸 Pricing: Free trial plan including main features; premium options start at $12.90/month.

👌 Best For: Entrepreneurs willing to create their first website painlessly at a fair price.



Webflow powerfully combines design, CMS, and hosting into one comprehensive no-code solution for building websites. Inspired by Sketch and Adobe Photoshop, its stylish interface can gain lots of followers among experienced users of the mentioned applications.

Webflow allows users to make creative designs and build user-friendly interfaces for adaptive websites all in one place. Yet, if you’re a beginner in using such tools, onboarding with this specific solution might be somewhat tricky due to the complexity of the interface.

👍 Like For:

  • Advanced customization options
  • Built-in hosting and CMS
  • Adaptive design support

👎 Dislike For:

  • Complicated onboarding process
  • Higher price

💸 Pricing: After the limited free trial, paid options start at $14/month, offering different packages depending on the business size.

👌 Best For: Creative designers and software developers willing to build responsive websites without coding.



Glide is known for its innovative no-code approach to creating mobile applications right from the Google Sheets. So, if you’re searching for a solution to transform your ideas into a simple app, this tool can become a perfect match for you. Glide builds data-driven business, educational, event management, and other mobile apps based on Google Sheets data without writing even a single line of code.

👍 Like For:

  • Effortless spreadsheets-based app building
  • Updating the date in real-time

👎 Dislike For:

  • Data-driven applications support only
  • Limited options for app design personalization

💸 Pricing: After a feature-limited free plan, you’ll have to pay at least $49/month.

👌 Best For: Educational and event businesses, or those who need to create data-driven mobile apps at low efforts.



Softr is proposed for building websites and in-browser applications right from the Airtable. It's a fantastic no-code solution allowing Airtable users to craft data-driven and dynamic websites. Softr can become a perfect match for businesses managing their data via Airtable and willing to get front-end interfaces for that data without additional software development.

👍 Like For:

  • Airtable effortless integration
  • Straightforward interface
  • Multi-purpose templates

👎 Dislike For:

  • No other integrations
  • Expensive extended plans

💸 Pricing: A free plan with basic capabilities is available, while premium options will cost $49/month and more.

👌 Best For: Powering web applications This platform is ideal for building client portals, internal tools, directories, and more, leveraging the robust capabilities of Airtable to power web applications.



Carrd represents a simple one-page website no-code building solution. So, if all you need is a catchy landing page beautiful in its simplicity, this tool will perfectly satisfy your needs. Creating laconic websites for personal brands, portfolios, webinar announcements, or even a one-page store will be smooth and enjoyable with this no-code builder. And simple doesn’t mean limited in this case. Thus, Carrd’s customization options and creative features cover everything needed for crafting good-looking and attractive landings.

👍 Like For:

  • Very competitive price
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop visual editor
  • Designs adjusting to mobile devices

👎 Dislike For:

  • One-page website support only
  • Lack of some functionality available in most of the alternatives

💸 Pricing: Paid plans start at $9/year, and a free option is also available.

👌 Best For: Solopreneurs and companies at scale without a need for extended functionality, willing to build an online presence quickly and at low costs.



Noloco specializes in a no-code building of customer portals and internal solutions. It's a good helping hand for businesses needing simplified custom software. Noloco allows enterprises to solve this task without hiring costly engineers. So, if you want to add a client portal, an HR register, a task manager, or any other app for the company’s operations to your corporate software stack, Noloco will save you time and money.

👍 Like For:

  • Effortless client portals and corporate tools creation
  • Simple interface
  • Easy customization

👎 Dislike For:

  • Being limited to the creation of internal business tools only
  • The steeper learning curve in mastering advanced features
  • No free trial

💸 Pricing: Starting point is $39 per month when billed annually, and there’s no free trial.

👌 Best For: Enterprises willing to improve their efficiency and automate specific workflows.



Unbounce no-code builder is focused on the creation of high-converting one-page websites. This tool is a great choice for marketers testing many hypotheses with landing pages. Unbounce powers users with various features for increasing conversion rates and provides seamless integration with many popular marketing solutions.

👍 Like For:

  • Fantastic functionality for crafting one-page websites
  • A/B tests for checking hypotheses and increasing conversions
  • Ready-to-use integrations with many marketing applications

👎 Dislike For:

  • Limited functionality in terms of other use cases
  • High prices
  • Not very intuitive testing and optimization features

💸 Pricing: After a 2-week free trial, you’ll have to pay, at least, $74 per month with an annual subscription.

👌 Best For: Businesses focused on driving sales and running many marketing campaigns.

Summing up our top of no-code website builders

Each company deserves to be represented on the web with a stylish branded website helping to reach its business goals. Fortunately, evolving technologies offer fantastic opportunities to create one (or several) without sweat.

Whether you need a driving sales landing page, corporate portal, or e-shop, different no-code website builders combine various features for each specific case. Powered with third-party integrations for boosting sales or customer communication, and providing pricing plans for wallets of all sizes, these tools will boost your success in the short term and the long perspective. Meanwhile, we hope that our chart will help you find the best mate for your web visibility fitting both - your requirements and budgets.

Have several favorites? Give them a try for free today to launch your perfect web project tomorrow!

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