Top 5 Call Tracking Cloud PBX Software To Use In 2024

Top 5 Call Tracking Cloud PBX Software To Use In 2024
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In the modern data-driven world having a reliable Private Branch eXchange (PBX) solution isn’t enough to manage your incoming requests effectively. In addition to well-organized call management and private data protection, ensuring that your customer base belongs only to you, it becomes also crucial to know the sources of the calls you receive to process them accordingly and track marketing efficiency.

Why Call Tracking Matters

Having Inbound Analytics equals knowing which channels, campaigns, and departments perform better. With individual tracking attributes, it’s possible to measure how engaging and conversionable different sources are. As a result, you can improve sales funnels and marketing activities with lower results, and spend more budgets on highly effective campaigns.

In addition, with profound statistics on inbound calls, you can also know more about your audience in terms of their region, preferences, conversation duration, and attitude to your business. Which is invaluable in building more targeted call-to-actions and providing better service for building long-lasting relationships.

5 Reasons To Use Call Tracking In Cloud PBX Software

If you need some more convincing arguments to try PBX with Call Tracking functionality, here are 5 persuading advantages:

  1. Earn more while spending less. Knowing which campaigns bring you more targeted actions (calls) helps you optimize marketing efforts and increase their return on investments significantly.
  2. Get what you want from your customers by giving them what they want. With inbound analytics, you get a limitless source of insights about your customers' portraits. Therefore, it’s much easier to build loyalty and trust and increase the number of sales and LTV.
  3. Distribute resources ultimately. Most of the PBX tools supporting call tracking can also power you with such additional features as IVR, call distribution, and instant monitoring, which streamline operators’ center productivity. Later, you can optimize the customers' request management processes even more using chatbot builders, or AI-powered automation software.
  4. Grow exponentially. With modern cloud PBX software, you will also get a reliable partner adjusting to your scaling needs as far as your business grows on its success.
  5. Make wise decisions. Knowledge is power, and customer data is powerful knowledge giving more chances to succeed in a fast-paced environment.

As you can see, in terms of progressive software solutions, call tracking isn’t just about knowing the subscribers’ contacts. It’s also about knowing how to turn these subscribers into grateful regular customers, and also how to attract more of them. And if you feel excited enough about leveling up your business with this functionality, let us introduce you to 5 software solutions you can consider for this purpose.

5 Cloud PBX Software Supporting Call Tracking [2024 Choice]

1. CallGear

CallGear Virtual Business Telephony

CallGear combines virtual telephony for companies of different sizes with a set of comprehensive tools for sales and marketing.

Quick Overview:

  • Matches incoming calls with marketing activities perfectly
  • Compatible with teams of any sizes
  • Smooth integration with other tools and customer management systems
  • Responsive and caring support team

Pricing: Virtual PBX Basic starts at 55$ / month + $90 fee for the account setup.

2. Zadarma


Zadarma is simple cloud telephony with call tracking that supports integration with analytics tools and can help in improving advertising campaigns.

Quick overview:

  • Provides straightforward setup process and easy tracking of incoming calls
  • Powers to optimize marketing budgets and increase ROI
  • Integrates with other solutions for marketing insights
  • Gives a deep understanding of data and calls statistics

Pricing: There’s a free plan for 5 users, while paid options for the US start at $39/10 users/month with annual billing (pricing for other countries can differ).

3. Avaya


Avaya helps companies get the most out of their existing capabilities with its innovative customer experience features.

Quick overview:

  • Provides fantastic integration capabilities valued by large enterprises
  • Powers with extensive call tracking features to level up client engagement
  • Customizes solutions tailoring to the defined business objectives
  • Proves it's reputation and global recognition with excellent reliability

Pricing: Individual, based on specific needs discussed with the sales team

4. Etisalat

Etisalat Cloudtalk

Etisalat is a leader in providing Cloud PBX services in the UAE. Its solid regional presence aligns with effective call tracking tailored functionality.

Quick overview:

  • Proven recognition among UAE companies
  • Guarantees the highest level of performance, reliability, and support
  • Helps to optimize and improve marketing activities and customer engagement
  • Can adjust to the needs of any business

5. Octella


Octella is a call center and fintech-tailored PBX solution in the cloud. It offers scalable tools for customer communication providing insightful data.

Quick overview:

  • Created specifically for companies in fintech and providing call center services
  • Can be customized according to the company’s goals
  • Integrates effortlessly with other business tools and CRM systems
  • Improves efficiency by providing comprehensive call tracking and analytics

Pricing: No free trial, paid plans start at $15/user/month.

Pricing: Custom, based on the consultation with the sales team.

Summing Up The Call Tracking in 2024

Using call tracking in your Cloud PBX solution opens an extra door of opportunities to learn more about your customers, and how to build relationships with them wisely. The above list overviewed the most proven software in the niche to choose from in 2024 for companies with different goals and budgets. We hope it helps you to make the right decision which brings you to making even more right decisions in your business development.

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