You Need to Try This: 10 Best Email Design Examples for Email Marketing

10 Best Email Design Examples For Email Marketing
Valeriia Dziubenko Valeriia Dziubenko 25 january 2022, 16:15 947
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Why do your emails get lost in inboxes? Why do people read and then delete them as something beneath their notice? Frequently, the reason is poor email design. Your email design is not good enough for recipients to want to pay attention to what you have written. As a result, your emails go unnoticed, and the whole marketing campaign remains fruitless.

This is where advanced email marketing campaign examples can come to rescue. Created by experts, who are aware of what works and what does not, they provide high ROI and improve customer retention. Naturally, you should not use these templates in your own campaigns, but why not derive inspiration from them? By all means, this is legal and free of charge.

Before you get acquainted with the best email design templates, we would like to remind you that they in fact are coded HTML files with several predetermined elements such as design, layout, content, arrangement, and styles. Marketers alter these elements in compliance with their requirements and needs. You can do the same – adopt their structure, images, style, or whatever else you need to create your own successful email campaigns.

1. Uber

ALT = Uber email format example

What is special about Uber’s email marketing format? At first sight, it is very simple. At the same time, the emails look stylish and trendy. In its newsletters, Uber comes straight to the point, without a long introduction. The text is brief with a clear call to action, which is great for the readers who don’t have a lot of time and prefer to scramble through the message. If a subscriber wants to learn more, he can open the link given in the email and check the full text of the news or promotional incentive.

2. BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed newsletter example

The list of email design best practices would be incomplete without including BuzzFeed’s newsletters. Their content is awesome, and the images are eye-pleasing. Besides, BuzzFeed pays special attention to the design of the subject lines and previews. The company tries its best to make readers immediately open its emails. And as soon as the message is opened, the subscriber can’t help but be absorbed in the text.

Every Friday, BuzzFeed sends emails with the cutest stories about cats. The messages are full of delightful meow-pictures and links to helpful articles on different topics. What can be more attractive than sweet kittens and handy tips?!

3. UncommonGoods

UncommonGoods’ email marketing template

The key secret of UncommonGoods’ success is the ability to create a sense of urgency by focusing on the importance of acting right here, right now. In its emails, the company does not just suggest that readers do something. It emphasizes that they should do it as soon as possible, otherwise they will miss a good chance and regret it. The UncommonGoods’ email marketing template includes a short text, simple images, creative calls to action, and an invitation to hurry.

Pay special attention to the texts in the brand’s newsletter: they vary from large to small, allowing readers to run through the most important information and then, if they are interested, come back to check the details.

4. Function of Beauty

Email ad idea by Function of Beauty

Function of Beauty has created an email which looks like an apology letter written to the reader’s own hair. The idea is unique and effective: when someone reads the letter, she feels sorry for her hair that requires better nourishment and protection from heat. This email advertising encourages subscribers to take care of their hair using Function of Beauty’s products. It seems obvious that they should select the masks from this brand – and nothing else!

5. Chubbies

An example of a fascinating Chubbies e-commerce email template

With its humorous tone and creative content, Chubbies has quite a few fascinating e-commerce email templates, which are worth noting. The company’s Black Friday newsletters, for example, have blurred images of their new product line. Having opened the email, subscribers get only a hint of what they will be able to buy on Black Friday this year. It is mysterious and unusual, especially when everyone is trying to show their products in the most favorable light and every detail.

6. Medium

Example of the weekly digest by Medium

Medium sends personalized daily and weekly digests to each subscriber. When signing up for a free account on this site, a person selects the subject matter that interests him most of all. Later, these interests are plugged into a sophisticated personalization engine, which generates “Daily Digest” and “Weekly Digest” emails. Each newsletter features one story at the top and several articles below.

The secret of Medium’s email template best practices lies in the categorization of the content. A reader can select the category of articles he wants to read now and scroll to the necessary article without opening multiple links. Besides, there are “Read time” notes for every text, to inform the reader of the amount of time needed to read the selected article.

7. Bookit

Bookit’s High Converting Email Template Example

Once a subscriber has opened Bookit’s email, he sees the branded search box at the top. Here, he can enter his destination and check out dates, just like on the website. He can find all the information he needs in a couple of clicks – right in his email box, which is convenient and timesaving. One more feature of Bookit’s high conversion email templates is the use of wonderful, eye-catching photos. Picturesque beaches, luxurious hotels, tempting resorts – it is almost impossible to resist all this beauty and excitement.

8. Birchbox

Birchbox’s email template

Birchbox knows how to customize and enhance its product promotion email template: every newsletter features eye-catching colors and bold fonts. The text is short and skimmable. It is divided into three sections: Loyalty Program, My Box, and Points Balance. A reader can find the information of any specific interest in just a couple of seconds. In every email, there is a ton of valuable data, from the images of the actual samples to their detailed description. Besides, Birchbox uses substitution tags in the header and subject line and provides a customized call to action to personalize the reader’s experience and inspire him to order the current box.

9. Who Gives A Crap

Example of B2B email template created by the company selling toilet paper

Bums and toilet paper in a newsletter? It sounds great! There is an excellent example of b2b email templates created by the company that sells super-soft recycled toilet paper available for businesses and stores. The email is funny and creative. It does not look like a standard promotional letter – on the contrary, it is designed as a friend’s postcard or a comic magazine page. The call to action is at the very end of the message, therefore it looks unobtrusive.

10. Postmates

Postmates’ business promotion email template

This American food delivery service uses GIFs in its emails; therefore, every newsletter created by this company looks interesting and fresh. GIFs catch the reader’s eye, as they are animated. Unlike simple motionless pictures, they have a great emotional impact. Look at the Postmates’ business promotion email template: surely, you are eager to try some delicious Chipotle! The description of the dishes deserves your attention, too. The email is simple, yet eye-catching, which is an excellent combination for a promotional message.

Hope, our list of 10 great email marketing layouts will inspire you to create your own super-effective campaigns that drive perfect results.

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