Snoozing emails tips: Why and How to Use it

Snoozing emails tips: Why and How
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The snooze feature helps Gmail users keep their inboxes organized. It ensures you don’t forget to reply to an important email and keeps your inbox tidy. We’ll show you how to utilize this feature and provide the best tips to use it effectively.

What is email snoozing?

The snooze button temporarily archives an email and returns it to your inbox at a specified time. It’s like telling a message to go away and come back at the exact time you’re prepared for it. When the message returns, you’ll receive a separate notification.

Reasons to snooze emails

Below are the most popular reason to have an email snoozed:/p>

Preventing important emails from slipping through the cracks

Snoozing ensures you don’t forget to reply to important emails. If you are not ready to respond to an important message immediately, it’s quite reasonable to snooze the message and return to it later. Otherwise, you can easily forget about the email and leave an important person hanging.

Tackling tasks at the right time

The snooze button lets you read and respond to emails at the most convenient time. Sometimes, you can get an email but don’t have time to go through it and craft a fitting response. It’s better to snooze the email and revisit it later when you have enough time to process it thoroughly.

Let’s say you’re an executive at a consulting firm, and you receive a detailed proposal from a potential client while at a meeting. Instead of hastily reading the email, you can snooze and set it to reappear an hour or two later, when the meeting is over. You’ll have more time and energy to assess every detail of the proposal and write the best response to secure the business deal.

A to-do list supplementary

Snoozed emails serve as a makeshift to-do list for your emails. You can snooze all the emails you want to review later, and they’ll return just when you need them. For example, you might get a daily newsletter you enjoy reading, but you’re too busy to read it at the moment. You can snooze this newsletter and make it reappear after you’ve left work and have enough time to read it.

The snooze button is like placing tasks on your to-do list to tackle later. Note that you may snooze an email multiple times, if necessary. Alternatively, if you want to deal with them ahead of schedule, you can open the Snoozed folder to access all the messages you previously snoozed.

Snoozing emails in Gmail

Let’s see how you can snooze emails on the Gmail web client or mobile app.

How to snooze on Gmail for web

1. Sign into your Gmail email account.

2. Hover over the email you want to snooze, and several icons will appear on the right side.

3. Click on the Snooze icon (the clock, rightmost).

4. Choose the time and date you want the email to return to your inbox.

You can snooze more than one email simultaneously. Select the messages and follow the same steps as above.

How to snooze in the Gmail app

1. Open the Gmail app and sign into your account.

2. Open the email you want to snooze.

3. Tap the three dots (...) in the upper-right corner and click Snooze.

4. Choose the date and time for the email to return to your inbox.

The above steps work for both the iPhone and Android Gmail apps.

How to find snoozed emails

All emails you snooze are kept in the Snoozed folder. If you want to access a snoozed message before its set time, you can simply open this folder and find it.

The snoozed folder is accessible on the left-side menu of the Gmail web or mobile app.

Best tips for snoozing emails

Keep these tips in mind while snoozing your emails:

Move on after snoozing more than three times

If you snooze the same message more than three times in a row, it signals that you likely don’t have time or the will to read it. In that case, ask yourself whether you can delete the email. You can also try opening the email one last time to avoid perpetual snoozing.

Don’t use snoozing in place of scheduling

If you’re ready to read and respond to an email, there’s no need to snooze it even though you don’t want your sender to get the reply at the exact moment. Instead, you can type your response and schedule it – the sender will receive the reply exactly when you want.

Avoid procrastination

The snooze button shouldn’t be an excuse to postpone all your emails and inadvertently disrupt your schedule. Use the snooze button only when necessary. If you can respond to a message now, do just that instead of snoozing it to reappear later.

Gmail snooze FAQs

What does snoozing an email mean?

Snoozing means temporarily removing an email from your inbox and making it reappear later. It’s like telling a message to go away and return later when you’re best suited to respond. The snooze button helps keep your inbox tidy and ensures you don’t forget to respond to critical messages.

Where can I find snoozed emails on Gmail?

You can find all your snoozed emails in the Snooze folder. This folder contains all the messages you snoozed, allowing you to read them even before their set times.

What happens after snoozing an email on Outlook?

Snoozing on Outlook works exactly like on Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and other email platforms. When you snooze an email on Outlook, the email remains hidden until the time you set for it to reappear.

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