How to Find Business Email Addresses

How to Find Business Email Addresses
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Thanks to the Internet, business partnerships have become easier than ever. You can email potential partners and clients, sealing many big business deals this way. However, it all starts with finding the right email addresses to send your pitches. It may take time and effort, but the potential benefits are immense. In this article, we’ll show you how to find business email addresses with little hassle.

When is finding corporate email addresses necessary?

Email is the most widely used online communication medium. Every business professional has an active email address. Email is the way to go to contact leads and seek partnerships. It’s the most effective way to get a reply from leads and potential customers.

Instead of waiting for leads to contact you, you can push for sales yourself by scouring the net for relevant email addresses and sending pitches. The key is focusing on the right people to pitch to and sending targeted emails that will likely yield good results.

How do I find corporate email addresses?

Below, we’ll look at many proven ways for finding company email addresses. Here are the ones that work best.

Check the “Contact” page on the company’s website

Most companies have a contact page on their website. This page provides information for potential customers and partners to contact the relevant staff. If you find a company you’re interested in working with, first check the “Contact Us” page to find an email address that connects you to whoever you need.

You can also check the “About Us” or “Meet the Team” pages for more contact information. These pages can give you both contact information and other vital info about the person you’re targeting, such as their full name and position. The data on these pages will help you craft a targeted email pitch.

Check the author page

Many company websites use blogs to attract an audience. Employees use these blogs to provide valuable information to customers and partners. If your prospect has written for their company’s blog, check their “About the Author” page to find their email address. Many people list their email addresses and other contact information on this page, making it easy for people to reach out to them.

Example of an author page with a contact email address
Source: WordPress Blog

Use Google

Google is the world’s most popular search engine and a valuable resource for finding corporate email addresses. By querying the company’s name and adding the word “email,” you might find business email addresses related to that company. Use the Advanced Search page to narrow your search if necessary.

For example, you’re a cybersecurity software vendor interested in working with a local company named “Derx Technologies”. Search for “Derx Technologies email” on Google – if Derx has an email address, Google will likely show it to you.

If the above option yields too many irrelevant results, try to refine your search. Type “email site:[company’s website]”, as in “email”. This custom search query will only display the results from the company’s website related to the term “email”. If the company has listed any email addresses on its website, you’ll find them with this query.

This method of finding company email addresses is free and straightforward to use. It may also give you other essential data beside your prospect's email addresses. The drawback is that running manual searches for multiple companies takes considerable time and effort.

Check social media platforms

Knowing how to get corporate email addresses is incomplete without social media platforms. You can try to build rapport with a prospect via social media and ask them for their email address.

Don’t just enter a prospect’s social media handle with a pitch because that looks annoying and unprofessional. Instead, start by discussing a relevant issue or appreciating the prospect’s social media posts. As you progress through conversations and interactions, you can politely ask the prospect for their email address and move the conversation there.

The drawback of this method is that it takes considerable effort to scour through social media platforms and build relationships with different prospects. However, it’s an effective method of establishing a good relationship if you’re willing to put in the effort.</p

Check for the contact on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is technically a social media platform. However, unlike Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and the like, which primarily focus on casual conversations and interactive feeds, LinkedIn is a professional social platform people use to find business contacts and make valuable connections in their industries.

Many professionals list their email addresses on their LinkedIn profiles, and you can check if your prospect falls into this category. If so, you’ll easily fetch their email address and use the information on their LinkedIn profile to craft a targeted pitch. If not, you can request a connection to the prospect, build a rapport, and politely ask for their email address.

Your connection request should include a message appreciating the prospect’s work. See the below example:

Hello John

I'm a big fan of your technical work with [Company Name]. I saw your recent post about applying artificial intelligence to boost customer satisfaction, and it resonated with my opinions about how AI is helping companies deliver better services to their customers.

I just wanted to say hi and appreciate your post. I’d also love to connect with you and benefit from your regular insights about technical programming.

Best, Jane

You’ve appreciated your contact with kind words about their work, making them likely to accept your LinkedIn connection request. If accepted, you can start holding casual conversations with John and graduate into more formal discussions, including politely asking for their email address.

Join the prospect’s mailing list

Many executives and company sales reps have mailing lists they use to interact with customers and partners. Joining their mailing list is an effective way of laying the foundation for future conversations. Reply to the emails they send with something related to the topic and kickstart a conversation. You can progress from there to build a rapport with the prospect and make your pitch.

Contact the company via live chat

Many companies don’t publicly list their email addresses because they fear receiving spam or malicious messages. However, you can get a relevant email address by chatting with the support team and asking them to point you to the right person.

For example, you want to contact the head of a company’s marketing department. You can visit their website, open the live chat section, and politely ask for the marketing department head’s email address. Of course, you must have a good reason for asking. Introduce yourself and the solution you’re offering. A good introduction will encourage the support staff to forward you to the right person to make your pitch.

It’ll be better if you already have the name and job title of the employee whose email you’re seeking. This information signals that you’ve researched your prospect, making the support staff more willing to respond.

The advantage of this method is that it’s free and easy to execute. The drawback is that it takes quite some time, and support staff may not be willing to divulge corporate email addresses.

Phone the company’s line

Some companies provide their telephone numbers but not email addresses. If you encounter such a case, you can pick up your phone and dial the provided number. If you get in touch with an employee, you can ask for the email address of a specific person or corporate department. Alternatively, leave your email address and ask the company to contact you.

This method is best used when you’ve tried the above mentioned methods but to no avail. It doesn’t always work, but it’s worth an attempt.

Use professional email lookup tools

You can use professional lookup tools to search for email addresses from specific companies. These services have amassed extensive contact information databases for different companies, and you can search through them to find what you want. Some lookup platforms require a subscription, while others allow you to conduct limited free searches and pay for further access.

ZoomInfo is an excellent example of a professional lookup tool. It offers one of the largest databases of corporate contact information covering tens of millions of companies. Many B2B marketers use ZoomInfo to find business email addresses of executives and send targeted pitches. This platform boasts over 150 million email addresses in its database, meaning you’ll likely find what you want. The drawback is that ZoomInfo is an expensive tool, with pricing plans starting from $15,000 annually.

You can find more affordable alternatives to ZoomInfo, such as DealSignal, UpLead, and Apollo. These lookup tools make finding business email addresses as seamless as possible.

Trial and error

If all of the above methods don’t work, you still may resort to trial and error to guess the email address. However, this method has serious drawbacks, and is generally not recommended.

Many companies use the common email address convention of the employee's first and last name attached to the company’s domain name. For example, John Doe, working at Derx Technologies, can have one of these email addresses:


You can try similar variations of the prospect’s name attached to their company’s domain name. There’s a substantial chance that this trial-and-error method will yield the correct email address. On the other hand, your emails to nonexistent mailboxes may result in your sender domain being blacklisted for spam.

FAQs about how to find corporate email addresses

What is an email lookup tool?

It’s a tool for searching for key personnel's email addresses at specific companies. Such tools utilize massive databases of email addresses sourced from publicly available information, which you can search at your convenience. Email lookup tools make finding relevant email addresses for your sales pitches easy.

Is there a free email lookup tool?

Yes, there are free email lookup tools available, e.g., Skrapp and Email Hunter. Some tools also let you search for a limited number of email addresses for free and pay to continue searching once you surpass your limit. Likewise, some paid tools offer free trials to test their functionality before paying. There’s no shortage of free email lookup services to use.

What’s the proper way to address someone in an email?

You should address people formally in an email pitch, e.g., Dear Mr. [First Name] or Dear Mrs. [First Name]. The email should always begin with a formal salutation, signifying the seriousness of your pitch and holding the recipient in high esteem.

How can I check if an email address is valid?

Many tools, free and paid, allow you to check the validity of an email address. Examples include Email-Checker, Verifalia, and Mailmeteor’s Email Checker. Type the email address in the provided menu and click the search button. These tools will tell you whether an email address is valid, helping you avoid sending messages to dud addresses.

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