Best Ready-to-Use Feedback Email Templates

Best Ready-to-Use Feedback Email Templates
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What is a feedback email?

A feedback email is what you send to a customer or group of customers requesting their opinion about an item they purchased. This email helps you get honest opinions about your product or service and know where to improve.

Email feedback can take many forms. It could be a short survey for the customer to fill out, a text form for the user to provide candid feedback or a direct reply to your email. In any case, a feedback email helps you garner honest customer evaluations to improve your service.

Key elements of a customer feedback email

These are the key characteristics of a customer feedback email:

Subject line

The subject line is vital to your email because it’s the first thing the customer sees. If people don’t resonate with the subject line, they’ll likely never open it. You need a clear and precise subject line revealing what your email is about, e.g., “Take our Feedback Survey!”, “We Value your Opinion”, or “Share your Thoughts.”

The key is to make the customer feel that their opinions are valued. This way, they’ll likely respond to your email feedback request and provide an earnest answer.


The next important thing after the subject line is the email body. Keep it short and focused on your request for feedback. Start with a friendly greeting and let the customer know you really need their opinion on your product.

Sometimes, you can include incentives to encourage customers to provide honest feedback, e.g., a discount on their next purchase. If you're offering an incentive, make that clear at the beginning of the email body to entice the recipient.

The email body should:

  • Let the customer know what the message is about.
  • Explain why the customers’ feedback is important.
  • Tell the customer how long the feedback will take (the shorter, the better).

Example of a feedback email
Source: Really Good Emails

Feedback email sample
Source: Really Good Emails


You can personalize the email body to make the recipient more comfortable and willing to respond. Personalization implies using data you have about the customer to send a targeted message. For example, you can address the customer by name and recall the product they’ve purchased. Personalization makes email recipients feel valued and more likely to follow your suggestions.

Closing line (CTA)

You should close the feedback email with friendly words and a call-to-action (CTA) button that takes the customer to the feedback form. The CTA should be very clear and precise, with phrases like “Leave a review”, “Give us your opinion”, “Fill out our survey”, etc.

The CTA should be the last thing the customer sees, encouraging them to click on it to follow your suggested action.

The best feedback email templates

Let’s take a look at some effective feedback templates you can use:

Basic feedback email template

Below is a basic email template for requesting feedback from a customer. This template keeps things simple and casual for the customer. It starts with a greeting, followed by the invitation for feedback, and ends with a friendly closing remark.

Subject line: We’d love to hear your feedback!

Dear [Customer’s First Name]

Hope you are doing well! We're always striving to improve our service, and we'd love to hear your feedback on the recent product you purchased from us. Your insight helps us deliver better service to customers and keep everyone happy.

We look forward to hearing from you!

[Leave your Feedback] – CTA button

Warm regards,

[Company Name]

Here’s an alternative basic feedback email template:

Subject line: Invitation – Share your thoughts with us

Hi [Customer’s Name]

Thank you for your recent purchase of [Product Name]. We hope you enjoy what you got! At [Company Name], delivering exceptional service is our top priority, and your feedback helps us achieve this goal.

Could you please take a moment to fill out this feedback form? Your insight helps us improve our service and make everyone happier. If you fill out the form, you’ll get a $10 store credit towards your next order. It’s our little way of showing appreciation :)

[Fill out the feedback form]

Thank you so much for your time,

[Customer’s Name]

Customer service feedback template

Sometimes, customers reach out to your support team with complaints. After their ticket gets closed, it’s important to ask the customer for feedback about the support they’ve received. This way, they can voice any concerns and help you improve the customer experience for others.

Below is a template to ask for customer service feedback:

Subject line: Feedback about your recent support experience

Dear [Customer name]

You recently reached out to your support team, and your ticket has been closed. We hope your issue was resolved promptly.

Can you please take a moment to give us your candid opinion about the support experience and let us know if there’s anything else we can do to improve our service?

Thanks in advance for helping us deliver better customer service.

[Leave your Feedback]


[Company Name]

Product review request template

When a customer orders an item from your brand, you can politely ask them to post a review for other customers to see. Reviews encourage other people to patronize your brand and increase your sales.

Here’s an effective product review request template:

Subject line: How do you find our product?

Hi [Customer’s First Name]

We’re writing to you about your recent purchase of [Product Name] from our store. Do you like what you got? We’d love to hear your review, as would other visitors to our store.

Can you please take the time to leave a rating along with your candid insight about [Product Name]?

[Leave a Review] – CTA link to the review page

Thank you for patronizing us!


[Company Name]

Customer satisfaction survey email template

You can occasionally send emails asking customers to fill out satisfaction surveys. These surveys help you know if customers are happy with your service. You can observe the survey results over time to see whether customer satisfaction trends upwards or downwards. If it trends downwards, it’s a signal that you need to improve your service to avoid customer churn.

Here’s a customer feedback email template for this case:

Subject line: Help us serve you better

Hi [Customer’s Name]

At [Company Name], we strive to deliver the best service possible, guided by our customers’ opinions and suggestions. You’re a regular customer whose feedback we value greatly. Could you please fill out our short survey to evaluate your satisfaction with our service?

We promise to review and incorporate the results of this survey into our business processes. Thank you for helping us serve you better.

[Fill Out Our Survey] – CTA link to the survey

Warm regards,

[Company Name]

Here’s another survey request template you can use for your business:

Subject line: Share your thoughts in our quick survey

Hi [Customer's Name]

At [Company Name], we value customer feedback more than anything else. The best way to improve our service is to listen to our customers and incorporate their feedback into our business processes.

We've put together a short 40-second survey to provide feedback. As a valued customer, we'd love to hear your candid opinion about our service. This survey takes just 40 seconds or less to complete, but your insight remains valuable for a long time.

[Fill Out Our Survey] – CTA link to the survey

Thank you for your time,

[Company Name]

Feedback reminder template

Sometimes, you’ll send a feedback email to a customer but get no reply. You can send one or two reminders to encourage them to provide valuable feedback. You could also throw in a discount or freebie as an incentive. However, don't bother the customer after a few unsuccessful attempts because further emails might be reported as spam. This, in turn, can harm your IP reputation, so you should avoid it at all costs.

Here’s a feedback reminder email template:

Subject line: Your feedback is valuable to us

Hi [Customer’s Name]

We sent a request for feedback a few days ago but have not received a response. Your opinion matters greatly to us and helps us serve you better. Could you please take some time to share your thoughts about the [Product Name] you purchased recently?

After providing feedback, you’ll get a 10% discount on your next purchase!

[Leave your Feedback]


[Company Name]

How to respond to feedback

It’s not enough to send feedback email requests to your customers – that’s just the beginning. What’s most essential is incorporating and responding to feedback when necessary.

If you receive positive feedback, don't hesitate to appreciate the customer for dropping kind words about your brand. A simple thank-you email can encourage them to come back for more products.

If you get negative feedback, reach out to the customer and let them know their opinion matters. Encourage them to provide more details about their negative experience so that you can better serve them — at times, miscommunication might be the issue, which can quickly be resolved. Most importantly, avoid replying negatively to customers who had bad experiences with your product.

Positive feedback response template

You can send an appreciative email when a customer leaves positive feedback about your product. This email makes the customer feel valued and more likely to return for more products.

Here’s a fitting positive feedback email template:

Subject line: Thank you for your review

Hi [Customer Name], we appreciate your positive feedback about the [Product Name] you ordered from us. We're glad our product has satisfied your needs, and we strive for other customers to experience the same.

Feel free to share any more opinions with us. We’re all ears!

Warm regards,

[Company Name]

Note that the above template has no CTA because there’s no action needed. You’re appreciating the customer for their kind words, not making another request.

Negative feedback response template

You can also respond to a customer when you receive negative feedback about your product. This email acknowledges the customer's issues and allows them to provide more details. It should remind the customer that their insight is valuable and that you'll act on their feedback.

Here’s an effective negative feedback email template:

Subject line: We want to make things right

Hi [Customer’s Name]

We read your feedback and are sorry to hear that you had a negative experience with our product. Please share more information about your concerns so that we can better address them.

We strive to provide the best service, and your insight helps us do this.

[Fill Our Support Form]

Thank you for your time,

[Company Name]

The benefits of sending feedback request emails

  • Improved customer relationships: Customers appreciate when you ask them for feedback and consider their opinions to improve your service. Feedback emails help you build long-term customer relationships, boosting your brand value and revenue.
  • Identifying vital trends: You can get vital insights from your customer feedback and stay ahead of the competition. Regular insights give you up-to-date information about customer preferences and help you stay competitive in the long term.
  • Product development: You can incorporate feedback when developing products, helping you develop exactly what your customers want. Feedback helps you maximize your investment in R&D and marketing.
  • Data-driven decisions: Surveys let you collect accurate data about your customers and make decisions based on them. Data-driven decisions produce better long-term results than estimates and guesses.

Final Words

Customer feedback emails bring multiple benefits. We’ve explained the key elements of such emails and provided fitting templates you can use to ask your customers for feedback. Don’t forget to choose a reliable email service provider (ESP) that lets you send automated feedback emails based on your templates. UniOne is one such ESP that offers the perfect mix of reliability, security, and affordability.

FAQs about customer feedback emails

What’s the best time to send a feedback request email?

You should send a feedback request email to a customer within 48 hours after delivering the product. During this period, they still remember your brand and are more likely to respond to your request. Waiting longer reduces the chances of getting the feedback you want.

How many feedback reminders should I send?

You should send at most two or three reminders spaced within days of each other. Customers who ignored your first feedback email might respond to the second or third. However, if you get no reply, don’t bother the customer because it means they’re likely not interested.

How long can a feedback email be?

An ideal feedback request email should be under 100 words. Customers have limited attention spans and don’t have time to read long messages. Hence, your feedback email should be short and go straight to the point – the recipient should be able to understand it from a glance.

How do you send feedback emails?

You can personalize feedback emails for better results, using data you have about the customer to send a more targeted email. You can also include incentives to encourage the customer to respond to your email. Ensure any text and graphics are easy to read.

How do you write feedback request email samples?

Start with a friendly greeting, state the purpose of the email, and tell the customer why their feedback is important. Maintain a professional and friendly tone throughout the message and close with a call-to-action button directing the customer to the feedback page. Always think of the purpose and context when creating your feedback request email.

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