Case Study: How to Increase the Conversion Rates by Choosing the Right Solutions

Case Study: The Right Solutions to Increase the Conversion Rates
Alex Kachalov Alex Kachalov 21 december 2022, 09:00 305
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As a partner of the Customer Data Platform (CDP) Institute, UniOne studies our users’ unique experiences and ways to improve their performance by employing a suitable customer relationship management (CRM) platform. One of the companies we work with has opted to migrate to Bloomreach CDP and kindly shared with us a story of their transition. They noted the difficulties they’ve encountered while migrating to Bloomreach and things they've learned in the process. They also found out how emails can improve communication between businesses and their customers in difficult times. 

You can learn about their migration process, benefits they’ve acquired and challenges they’ve met in our article on the CDP Institute Blog.

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