A Guide to "Thank You for Your Business" Emails: Tips and Examples

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Any business needs to be smart about its marketing, which means finding ways to improve its reputation and attract customers. A simple way to accomplish this is by sending customers an email that says "thank you for your business".

The format for such emails depends on your company and target audience. In this article you’ll learn the best times to send a business thank you email and the different ways to send a thank-you email to customers.

What Is a Thank You Email?

A thank-you email is a common example of business etiquette aimed at maintaining good relations with your coworkers, clients and other stakeholders. It might also help you advance your career, enhance your brand's reputation and expand your email list.

It is an essential component of email marketing — “Thank you” emails help brands establish a solid relationship with their customers. Remember that a thank you note can motivate the recipient and give them the assurance they really need to purchase from you.

Sending thank-you emails to businesses is essential and has positive impacts like financial and loyalty benefits. It helps to create a long-lasting emotional connection with your customers.

Types of Thank You Emails for Business

After compiling an address list, composing an email requires your complete attention. There are numerous types of thank-you emails that you can send to your customers. Let's get started with some examples that will provide you with interesting ideas concerning the layout and content of these emails.

Thank You Email to a Client

Consider taking the time to express gratitude to your client for providing information to additional prospects. Both parties will be happy with such a gesture.

Subject line: Thanks for your referral


Dropbox thanks a customer for referring a friend. They also went ahead to offer additional cloud storage space. This template is great when you want to reward users for being your business’s unofficial affiliate and get them to keep using your service.

Thank You Email after Meeting

Was a conference meeting productive? That's awesome! Sending participants a thank-you email immediately will help them understand how vital their participation and help were. Professional compliments, even in small expressions, are always valuable.

Subject line: Thank you for joining us today!


Different departments at a company come together for a purpose; in this case, it’s new client orientations. Sending a thank you email to your colleagues can boost camaraderie and foster a healthy work relationship.

When There Is No Open Position

Conducting regular job interviews for a vacant position is one thing, but companies often receive job applications randomly. As a professional, you should quickly respond to such requests.

Subject: Thank you for considering our vacancy

Companies can learn much about candidates during the interview process. Even if you don't hire them, thank them for taking the time to apply and show up for your interview.

You can use the following sample email to turn down a candidate after the initial interview:


Thank You Email to Customers

Many companies still miss the chance to thank their customers in follow-up emails by forgetting to say "thank you." An automated thank you email is sent based on users' actions and interests. Sending different thank-you emails to your customers can help you build strong relationships with them.

1. Thank You for Signing Up Email

Email marketers can send welcome emails even while asleep. What about sending customers a thank-you email for signing up? Be sure to consider one or two drafts.

Subject: Verify your email address


People look for helpful information before subscribing to your product or service. It would help if you expressed your gratitude to them for joining right on day one. Like VSCO, you can use this opportunity to ask them to verify their email address.

2. Anniversary Thank You Email

Emailing regular customers to celebrate milestones has a desirable impact — you make them feel like part of your company’s success.

Subject: It's our one year anniversary!


For example, JetBlue uses its thank-you emails to congratulate a long-time customer or brand loyalist on the brand's anniversary. They also use this opportunity to urge customers into buying a flight ticket, and get free in-flight meals.

3. Thank You for Shopping with Us Email

Order confirmation or “thank you for shopping with us” email is one of the oldest and most popular automated emails ever sent. Customers anticipate receiving an order email as soon as they complete a transaction. These appreciation letters are essential for email marketing campaigns.

Subject: Thanks for shopping with us!


XML Press Store provides more details about the order and thanks customers for shopping with them at the same time. This email is simple, clear, and addresses the customer by their first name, which is a great use of personalization.

4. Thank You for Your Payment Email

Emails that confirm simple payments and purchases are valuable because they show that you're not taking customers for granted. Send this email to your customers to reassure them in case they place an order online but don't see a confirmation email.

Subject: Your plan is now active!


Like the XML Press Store example above, Tilda thanks customers for renewing or purchasing a paid subscription plan. They also provide more details about the order. This email also asks the customer to reach out to the help center in case of issues and follow Tilda on social media. Minor details like these can improve brand awareness, recognition, and customer satisfaction.

5. Thank You for Signing Up Email

You have an excellent opportunity to connect with customers when they register to use your software or product. It's appropriate to construct this kind of "thank you" note with elegance. It should be presented and legible while displaying all necessary customer information.

Subject: Welcome to MovieStillsDB


MovieStillsDB welcomes users and asks them to confirm their email address. This is an automated email sent to users who have signed up on their website. While automated emails are often impossible to reply to, this brand includes a Support address in case the recipient has any problems with the URL.

6. Thank You for Your Review Email

Some customers are incredibly kind with their time, taking the time to provide feedback about your business. When you send a thank-you email to your customers for their reviews, they will likely return to your company's website and leave additional reviews.

Subject: Thank you for your review


This brand thanks its customers who leave reviews on products they’ve purchased. At the same time, they offer them a special discount on their next purchase. The email has a CTA button to encourage the recipient to actually use the coupon. Saying thank you and offering discounts for reviews can improve customer loyalty to your brand.

Best Words and Phrases to Say in Thank You Emails

If you're considering sending an email to express your gratitude, it's best to address to just one person. It's always preferable to thank each person specifically, as we’ve mentioned. Before the conversation begins, there are numerous ways to express gratitude or other critical appreciation.

Check out some of the most effective phrases in email templates:

  • Thank you!
  • Thank you so much!
  • Thanks a million
  • Thank you, you're amazing!
  • Sincerely grateful for a follow-up
  • Accept my gratitude for (reason)
  • Your feedback means a lot to us
  • It's so kind of you to (reason)
  • Please accept my deepest thanks for (reason)
  • Thanks for being so awesome
  • Much obliged

How Do You Craft a Perfect Thank You Email?

It's sometimes more complicated than it might seem to send a simple thank you email. After all, how hard can it be to write a thank you letter to the person with whom you’ve just communicated?

Step 1: Add a Simple Subject Line

A good subject line is vital to increase the chances of opening your emails. When writing a subject line it’s better to control the urge to sound clever and highly humorous.

The best subject line is straightforward, and the message should be clear. Consider adding the recipient's name to personalize the subject line.

Step 2: Greetings

You should acknowledge the email recipient. For instance, a proper greeting like "Dear," "Mr." or "Ms." is required in a formal email to the hiring manager.

You can address the recipient by their first name if you already know them. Use a more creative greeting if you're writing an informal email.

Step 3: Express Gratitude

Email’s length can vary depending on its objective. It's best to maintain the email's length to three short paragraphs. Therefore, begin your email by expressing your sincere gratitude. Starting with expressions of gratitude explains what the recipient did to earn your appreciation.

Step 4: Be Concise

Mention the main point of the email. For instance, you could thank your customer for signing up in an email. Maintain a respectful, professional tone while expressing your opinions.

Step 5: Clear Format with Arial Font

The most popular gadgets for instantly checking emails are laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Use easily readable fonts like Arial or Times New Roman when creating an effective thank you email. Ensure the font size is clear — bold the phrases to draw attention to a particular term or offer. Emails with proper formatting are easier to read.

Step 6: Polite Closing

Email closing is as crucial as the opening. It's best to leave a good impression on your reader. As previously discussed, you can employ a formal email signature in this situation. Using your first name is applicable if you're sending a quick thank-you email.

Step 7: Include Contact Information

Without the sender's information, an email is incomplete. However, including contact information depends on the situation.

Create a signature that includes a name, job title and a phone number for a formal, personalized thank you email. At the same time, it is optional when emailing coworkers; having it'll help you network with new people like hiring managers.

Step 8: Proofread the Email

Review the mail very carefully after completing the final draft. Ensure that there are no typos, spelling errors or grammar blunders. A flawless thank-you email demonstrates your excellent communication skills and promotes professionalism.

Final Thoughts

Occasionally, you may feel compelled to send a brief email, and a thank-you email might be the best choice! You can send various emails to a customer, but a thank-you email is a clear indication that you appreciate them. Since you usually don't meet your online customers or remote employees in person, you can send them a thank-you email.

You can also send a thank-you email after meeting the recipient physically. It shows appreciation for valuable contributions and allows email recipients to discuss them in more depth, if needed. You can use our UniOne’s affordable bulk email marketing feature to customize various email templates that suit your needs. With the examples above, you'll be able to craft an impressive letter to help you achieve your objectives. Book a Demo with Unione today to learn more.

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